InnoLight has comprehensive portfolio of SONET optical transceivers in the world, including LR, ER, ZR, CWDM ER CWDM ZR, DWDM ER, DWDM ZR series with features of in-built dual CDR, SONET OC192/SDH STM64 and 802.3ae Compliant, hardware/software rate 8.5G and 9.95~11.3G Tunable. They are designed for applications of SONET (OC-192)/SDH (STM64) Line Card.

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P/N Product Description Data Sheet Data Rate (Gbit/s) Reach TX RX TX_Min (dBm) TX_Max (dBm) Rx Sensitivity (dBm) Power Consumption Temperature (deg C)
TR-PX13L-NSN SFP+ LR SONET 10G 10km 1310nm DFB PIN -6 -1 -14.6 <1.2w 0~70
TR-PX15E-NSN SFP+ ER SONET 10G 40km 1550nm EML PIN -3 3 -15.8 <1.6w 0~70
TR-PX15Z-NSN SFP+ ZR SONET 10G 80Km 1550nm EML APD 0 4 -24 <1.8w 0~70
TR-LXxxE-NSN SFP+ CWDM ER SONET 10G 40km EML PIN -3 3 -16.4 <1.8w 0~70
TR-LXxxW-NSN SFP+ CWDM ZR SONET 10G 70km EML APD 0 4 -24 <1.8w 0~70
TR-GXxxE-NSN SFP+ DWDM ER SONET 10G 40km EML PIN -3 3 -16.4 <1.8w 0~70
TR-GXxxZ-NSN SFP+ DWDM ZR SONET 10G 80km EML APD 0 4 -24 <1.8w 0~70