InnoLight 10G XFP xWDM optical transceivers include CWDM LR, CWDM ER, CWDM ER With APD, CWDM ZR, DWDM ER, DWDM ER With APD, DWDM ZR with the features of supporting 9.95Gb/s to 11.3Gb/s transmission, client side and line side loopback functions, supporting 8.5G Fiber Channel Rate, XFP MSA compliant, electrical interface compliant with XFI, I2C interface and RoHS 6 compliant. They are designed for applications of SONET (OC-192) / SDH (STM-64), 10GBASE-ER (10.3125Gbps), 10GBASE-EW (9.953Gbps), Metro Network Transport and Inter Data Center Connection.

How To Buy
P/N Product Description Data Sheet Data Rate (Gbit/s) Reach TX RX TX_Min (dBm) TX_Max (dBm) Rx Sensitivity (dBm) Power Consumption Temperature (deg C)
TR-NXxxL-N00 XFP CWDM LR 10G 10km DFB PIN -6 -1 -14.6 <3.5w 0~70
TR-NXxxE-N00 XFP CWDM ER 10G 40km EML PIN -3 3 -15.8 <3.5w 0~70
TR-NXxxA-N00 XFP CWDM ER With APD 10G 60/70km EML APD -1 3 -24 <3.5w 0~70
TR-NXxxW-N00 XFP CWDM ZR 10G 70km EML APD 0 4 -24 <3.5w 0~70
TR-HXxxE-N00 XFP DWDM ER 10G 40km EML PIN -3 3 -15.8 <3.5w 0~70
TR-HXxxA-N00 XFP DWDM ER With APD 10G 70/80km EML APD -1 3 -24 <3.5w 0~70
TR-HXxxZ-N00 XFP DWDM ZR 10G 80km EML APD 0 4 -24 <3.5w 0~70