100G CFP4

InnoLight 100G CFP4 optical transceivers include SR4, LR4 (25G single rate and 25G/28G dual rate) and ER4 series with the features of using LC Receptacles, IEEE802.3ba and CFP4 MSA Compliant, Low Power Consumption, Small Size and Supporting Dual Rate. They can be compatible with Ethernet and OTU4 applications.

How To Buy
P/N Product Description Data Sheet Data Rate (Gbit/s) Reach TX RX TX_Min (dBm) TX_Max (dBm) Rx Sensitivity (dBm) Power Consumption Temperature (deg C)
TR-KC13L-N00 CFP4 LR4 100G 10km 1294 -1310nm LWDM EML PIN -4.3 4.5 -10.6 <5.0W 0~70
TR-KC13L-NSN CFP4 LR4 Dual Rates 100G/112G 10km 1294 - 1310nm LWDM EML PIN -0.6/-2.5 4.0/2.9 -6.9/-8.8 <5.0W 0~70
TR-KC13D-N00 CFP4 ER4 Lite 100G 30km(Non-FEC)/40km 1294 -1310nm LWDM EML APD -2.9/-2.9 4.5/4.5 -16.9/-20.9 <5.0W 0~70
TR-KC13D-NSN CFP4 ER4 Lite Dual Rates 100G/112G 30km(Non-FEC)/40km 1294 - 1310nm LWDM EML APD -1.1/-1.1 4.5/4.5 -15.1/-19.1 <5.0W 0~70