InnoLight has a complete portfolio of 400G OSFP optical transceivers. This series of products adopt 8x50G architecture. They are compliant with the IEEE 802.3bs and OSFP MSA, which are used for the applications for 400G Ethernet, Data Centers and Cloud Networks.

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P/N Product Description Data Rate (Gbit/s) Reach TX RX Power Consumption Temperature (deg C)
C-OS8FNMxxx-N00 400G OSFP AOC 400G 30m VCSEL PIN <9W (for each end) 0-70
T-OS8FNS-N00 400G OSFP SR8 400G 100m VCSEL PIN <9W 0-70
T-OC8FNT-N00 400G OSFP 2x FR4 400G 2km Uncooled EML PIN <10W 0-70
T-OS8FNL-N00 400G OSFP LR8 400G 10km Cooled EML PIN <13W 0-70